Enjoy a drink in style

Settle down in the sun on our comfortable lounge at our terracce and enjoy a drink in style. We like to surprise you with a fresh cocktail or pour a glass of wine from our wine list. You can aslo choose a beverage from our extensive whiske list. Have you got hungry? Burgundian as we are, we serve you a matching bite. Choose from our brasserie menu.  


Apple pie with sauce of vanilla and whipped cream 4,50

Chocolate-truffle pie with whipped cream 4,50

Raspberry pie with raspberry coulis 4,50


Portion “bitterballen” (8 pieces) 6,75

Deep fried snacks (10 pieces) 6,75

Tapas Rosep (2 pers.) 14,75

Cheeseboard (1 pers.) 8,25

Portion olives 4,50

SMALL DISHES (till 17.30 hours)

Toast cooked "au gratin"
Toast with cheese, served with beef salad 7,00
Toast with ham and cheese, served with beef salad 7,25
Toast with ham, cheese and tomato, served with beef salad 7,25 
Toast with ham, cheese and pineapple, served with beef salad 8,50 

3 slices white or brown roasted bread cooked "au gratin" with: 
Ham and cheese, 3 baked eggs 9,00
Roast beef, ham and 3 baked eggs 9,50
Roast beef, ham, cheese and 3 baked eggs 9,85 

Toast mushroom “Brabançonne” 10,25
3 slices roasted bread with baked mushrooms from Oisterwijk,
sweet pepper, onion and ham

Two Burgundy corquettes 8,95
 With white or brown bread

Rosep Clubsandwich 9,25 
 With smoked chicken, baked bacon, fricandeau, egg
 and reddish sauce

Italian or multigrain bread filet Americain 7,75
 With filet Americain and red onions

Italian or multigrain bread tuna salad 8,00 
 With tuna salad

Italian or multigrain bread “healthy” 8,50
 With ham, cheese, tomato, cucumber and egg

Italian or multigrain bread Salmon 8,75
 With home smoked salmon and a cream of dill

Italian or multigrain bread carpaccio 8,75 
 With carpaccio of beef, Parmesan cheese
 and truffle cream

Italian or multigrain bread cheese 8,75
 With old cheese

Italian or multigrain bread fricandeau 9,50
 With warm fricandeau, mushrooms, onions and bacon


Do you have an allergy, please tell us. We can provide you information about allergens.



Rosep meal salad 13,50
Rich salad with smoked chicken, goat cheese,
peach and olives with a creamy dressing and toast

Grand Rosep hors d'oeuvre 16,50
 Royal meat salad with garniture of several kinds
 of fish and meat with a reddish sauce

Salad king prawns 16,85
Fresh salad with baked in garlic oil king prawns (6) 
with a tomato-basil sauce

Salad Carpaccio 13,50 
Thinly cut beef with Parmesan cheese and truffle cream

Vegetarian mozzarella salad ** 12,50
 With pommedorie tomato, basil,
 rucola and marinated olives


Beef stock served with herbs and a brioche bread 6,75

Asparagus soup with ham from Oisterwijk and chervil 8,75

Lobster soup served with a brioche bread 9,25

Mush room soup served with a brioche bread 6,75

Pommedori tomato soup ** served with a brioche bread 6,75


Rosep hamburger 16,00
Served with fries and salad

Baked cod fillet with a sauce of lobster 21,75
Served with fries and salad

Steak (180 gr) with red port sauce 23,75
Served with fries and salad

Baked king prawns 21,50
 King prawns (7) baked in garlic oil on creamy pasta, served with a lobster sauce

Salad with whole lobster (preparation ± 30 minutes) 33,50
With Dutch shrimps and a lobster mayonnaise

Baked guinea-fowl 20,75
With red Port sauce

Asparagus from Brabant 23,75
With ham, egg and Hollandaise sauce


Cheeseboard (1 person) 8,75
With Kletzenbread

Dame blanche 8,50
Vanilla ice cream with warm chocolate sauce and whipped cream

Tiramisu of strawberries 11,00
With a lime sorbet and syrup of Limoncello 

Coupe du Bois 8,50
3 Kinds of ice cream with whipped cream

Kid’s ice cream with a surprise 5,00



** vegetarian








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